Design Skills

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator), Sketch, Microsoft Office 
Strengths: Colour coordination, Art direction, Competitive analysis
Language: Japanese, native speaker
                English, business Level
                German, basic communication skills
Interest: Literature, art, design, fashion, technology, nature, psychology and health care
Personality: Harmonious, diligent, insightful, high aspirations

Feature Works

Mobirise Website Builder
Graphic Design (Still, Animation, Social media template etc)

Forum12 is a team of faith-based futurists with an apostolic mission to build the Kingdom of God by positioning the Church on the cutting edge of technology, Partnered with Gravity Jack, Top American company.

Mobirise Website Builder
Gottkennen by Campus for Christ Graphic Design for Social media campaign

The Campus for Christ project team is implementing this campaign in cooperation with the various churches, organisations and projects of the sponsoring organisations. 

Mobirise Website Builder
"ARNETTE, Luxottica"
UX/UI/Graphic Design for E-Commerce Mobile Website

ARNETTE was found in 1992 by Greg Arnette, in a one car garage in Orange County, California. ARNETTE become part of Luxottica Group in 1999. Today is one of the most popupal companies. 


【Creative work】

2013 「炭火焙煎珈琲店 無」イラスト個展
2013 「アトリエとキッチンのマルシェ」ニット小物製作/販売
2017 「P-Shirts exhibition 6」Tシャツ・デザイン、審査員特別賞受賞
2018 「麻布十番海岸Ⅲ」出展
2018 「P-Shirts exhibition 7」Tシャツ・デザイン
2018 「たびこふれ」連載ライティング
2019 「BigsMile CLUB」コスチュームTシャツデザイン・製作
2019 「Bremer Shakespeare Company」舞台フォトグラフィー
2020 「On fire」英日翻訳
2021 「STAY SALTY by Aloha Design」ライティング
2021 「ALNETTE by Luxottica」UX/UIデザイン
2021 「Gottkennen」キャンペーン用グラフィックデザイン
2021 「#HACK2021 Copenhagen」UX/UIデザイン
2022 「P-Shirts exhibition 11」Tシャツ・デザイン
2022 「crescendo」舞台フォトグラフィー
2022 「Gottkennen」キャンペーン用グラフィックデザイン
2022 「Forum12 by Gravity Jack」UX/UIデザイン
2023 「THE LIST」UX/UIデザイン

2013 "Charcoal Roasting Coffee Shop 無” solo exhibition of illustrations 2013 "Atelier and Kitchen Marche" production/sales of knitted accessories
2017 "P-Shirts exhibition 6" T-shirt design, special jury award
2018 "Azabu Juban Coast III" exhibition
2018 "P-Shirts exhibition 6" T-shirt design
2018 "たびこふれSerialised writing
2019 "BigsMile CLUB" Costume T-shirt design and production
2019 "Bremer Shakespeare Company" Stage photography
2020 "On fire" English-Japanese translation
2021 "STAY SALTY by Aloha Design" Writing
2021 "ALNETTE by Luxottica" UX/UI design
2021 "Gottkennen" campaign Graphic design
2021 "#HACK 2021 Copenhagen" UX/UI design
2022 "P-Shirts exhibition 11" T-shirt design
2022 ”crescendo" Stage photography
2022 "Gottkennen" campaign Graphic design
2022 "Forum12 by Gravity Jack" Graphic Design
2023 "THE LIST" UX/UI Design

Design Portfolio

Mobirise Website Builder
"Spa Licht" App
Planning, Art Direction, UX/UI/Graphic Design
Mobirise Website Builder
"ALNETTE, Luxottica" E-Commerce Mobile Website
UX/UI/Graphic Design
Mobirise Website Builder
"Forum12" Social Media Graphic Template, Animation etc.
Graphic Design


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