Yurino Oshima

Designer × Actor based in Vienna, Europe 

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Graduated from Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, she became a Christian while studying fashion design. She has worked as a stage actor, multi-creator, and member of a church ministry while working a variety of jobs since her middle-teens. After marriage, she has lived in Germany since 2018 and in Austria since 2019. Due to the Corona disaster she entered the IT industry and studied digital design at the Innovation School in Vienna. Currently, she works as a UX/UI and graphic designer on a wide range of projects, mainly church-related projects, for both large companies and individuals. She also expresses herself in films and CF performances, and writes and creates things. She likes to get inspiration and opportunities from traveling and meeting new people at home and abroad.

文化服装学院卒業。在学中ファッションデザインを学ぶ中でクリスチャンとしての信仰を持つ。10代半ばより多種多様な仕事を経験しながら役者、マルチクリエイター、教会ミニストリーの一員として活動。結婚後2018年からドイツ、2019年よりオーストリア在住。コロナ禍をきっかけにIT業界へ参入し、ウィーン市内のイノベーションスクールでデジタルデザインを学ぶ。現在UX/UI, グラフィックデザイナーとして教会関連プロジェクトを中心に大企業や個人案件等幅広く携わる。その他欧州内映像作品出演・文章等での表現活動もしており、国内外の旅や新たな出逢いの中で着想と機会を得るのが好き。

Feature Works

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Graphic Design (Still, Animation, Social media template etc)

Forum12 is a team of faith-based futurists with an apostolic mission to build the Kingdom of God by positioning the Church on the cutting edge of technology, Partnered with Gravity Jack, Top American company.

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Gottkennen by Campus for Christ Graphic Design for Social media campaign

The Campus for Christ project team is implementing this campaign in cooperation with the various churches, organisations and projects of the sponsoring organisations. 

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"ARNETTE, Luxottica"
UX/UI/Graphic Design for E-Commerce Mobile Website

ARNETTE was found in 1992 by Greg Arnette, in a one car garage in Orange County, California. ARNETTE become part of Luxottica Group in 1999. Today is one of the most popupal companies. 

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Actor, Alto chorus singer

PERSEPHONE is a Greek-Japanese Cine-Operetta film directed by Kostas Athousakis, where the ancient Greek myth of the Abduction of Persephone comes alive before the eyes of a Japanese group.

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Minamata is a drama film directed by Andrew Levitas, based on the book of the same name by Aileen Mioko Smith and W. Eugene Smith. The film stars Johnny Depp (who also produced) as W. Eugene Smith, an American photographer who documented the effects of mercury poisoning on the citizens of Minamata, Kumamoto, Japan.

Design Skills

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator), Sketch, Microsoft Office 
Strengths: Colour coordination, Art direction, Competitive analysis
Language: Japanese, native speaker
                English, business Level
                German, basic communication skills
Interest: Literature, art, design, fashion, technology, nature, psychology and health care
Personality: Harmonious, diligent, insightful, high aspirations

Design Portfolio

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"Spa Licht" App
Planning, Art Direction, UX/UI/Graphic Design
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"ALNETTE, Luxottica" E-Commerce Mobile Website
UX/UI/Graphic Design
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"Forum12" Social Media Graphic Template, Animation etc.
Graphic Design


In addition to working as a designer and subject, please contact us for reporting activities, interviews and writing about Japan or Europe.
*IP information is also sent.



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